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All your locksmith services
in Saint-Laurent

Because your safety is important to us, we do everything in our power to offer you the best locksmith services in Saint-Laurent and the region. Our technicians intervene quickly and efficiently in your home or office, whether it is for installation or repair.

Discover our services

Serrurier K G O Locksmith Inc. installs, modifies and repairs all types of locks and latches, including high-security locks. We replace your locking keys and can provide you with an emergency replacement key.

In addition to locking systems, our technicians can also install bars or window grilles. To guarantee the security of your buildings and access, use qualified and trustworthy professionals!

We offer you a complete range of services:

      Emergency exit devices

      Emergency exit alarms

      Mechanical button locks

      Electronic locks


      Door closers (several models)

      Door hinges

      Steel doors

      Door sills

      Master key systems

      Electric strikes

      Continuous hinges (aluminum doors)

      Weatherstripping for doors


      Security fences

      High-security locks (Medeco, CX5, Bi-Lock, Key Mark, Abloy, Mul-T-Lock)

      Padlocks of several types

      Patio door locks

      Sar locks and keys

      Door handles (all functions)

      Door opener

      High-security padlock

      Door locks

      Commercial, residential and institutional locks

      Camera systems

      Other products on special order

      Disabled access

      Access card systems

And much more!

Serrurier K G O Locksmith Inc. offers its services to both residential and commercial customers. We offer you a free estimate for any request to install locks and security systems in your stores, workshops or warehouses. Contact us for more information!

Our expertise also covers security systems of all kinds, such as closed-circuit cameras, access control installations, the security of filing cabinets, lockers or safes and many other systems.

Locks and monitoring systems

We install, repair or replace your locks and CCTV systems.

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